Get to the heart of airline passenger experience

As hundreds of airplanes enter commercial service each year, airfares reduce, consequently increasing the pressure on your airline to realize & manage Year-on-Year revenue growth.

To become a segment leader or even just fill your seats, differentiation is required, not just in terms of branding but also in the quality of service & support offered to passengers. Using OmniKonnect helps you exceed passenger expectations by leveraging both human & digital touchpoints in many ways to ensure a holistically better passenger experience.

To maintain and constantly improve upon a positive experience, it is imperative to regularly poll your passengers for their opinions & suggestions. With OmniKonnect’s OK Feedback tool, give influential passengers channels to express ideas & vent irritation – encouraging them to pass on their wisdom, understanding, and creativity, while simultaneously controlling damage due to negative feedback.

Through integration of in-app feedback for mobile & web, OK Feedback allows you to create many interactive feedback sets for every single touchpoint on each channel. OK Feedback is flexible enough to allow you to change the active feedback set for each touchpoint of each channel as often as necessary.

For top management, the analytics capabilities of OK Feedback provide a holistic perspective by illuminating on every touchpoint of passenger experience. With its simplified touchpoint dashboard, OK Feedback helps identify and analyze performance in all key areas and empowers your support team on every interaction to deliver the best-in-class experience. Leverage the insights to build a passenger journey that is more ‘experience-based’ rather than ‘destination-based’ to improve passenger loyalty and keep them coming back.

Act upon the customer feedback and engage with your customers in real time to identify most liked/disliked aspects at each touchpoint of your customer’s journey and drill down on reasons impacting customer happiness.